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1 Ibdaa for intelligent solutions , Syria.

Ibda'a for Intelligent Solutions: is a leader Syrian company in Business Intelligences solutions, which is a international trend in Information technology industry, Syria began recently attend that through the first Business Intelligence Conference in Syria "BISY 2010", because this field has an effective impact on business development by investing knowledge to support decisions, which in turn will improve corporations' productivity.

Ibda'a has worked since June 2009 with integrated and qualified team, based on facilities ICTI provided with, to present the first intelligent software solution for distribution "I-Distributor" based on customers' needs to support customers in rising up their profits, monitoring fleets and reducing their costs.

Ibda'a won the 2nd place in START contest for technical innovation in 2010, and won Arab Golden Chip Awards 2011 in "Best location-based GIS Application" for I-Distributor which will be the first step in intelligent solutions series targeting at the first place Syrian market toward Arabic and international markets.


Build Leader Cooperation specialized in intelligent software.


Investment in IT and Business Intelligence sector, through the provision of high quality software solutions which support decision-makers in raising the level of their organizations and increase their productivity, while adhering to global quality standards, and the rehabilitation team work constantly to keep up with the latest technologies and developments in this area.


I-Distributor, the first intelligent distribution system in Syria, has achieved second place in the START contest of technical innovation, It superiors to the rest of the competitors by features developed based on needs study of customers and their problems, most important of these features are:

  • Contains the first digital map of Damascus, which includes a large database of real points of sale.
  • Generate the optimal solution for the distribution plan.
  • Online-Tracking for fleets.
  • Performance Analysis of the distribution network and the discovery of gaps.

Those features come at a cost of very suitable to the ability of targeted customers, and check them significant benefits: increase sales, reduce expenses and increase the spread of their products on the market, It has met with considerable interest among customers as characterized by the new possibilities and interfaces unique and easy to use.