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1 Automata4 Group , Syria. Department: Executive (Mosaic project)
Research topics:

R&D Department
Launching the R&D Department is our bravest step in 2007, R&D assumes the success factory, where IT and business ideas are forged, setting sights through the future, taking the corporate for the next decades.

Activates of R&D are, but not limited to:

  • Product Planning, Architecting, and Enhancement
  • Enterprise Planning, Modeling and Streamlining
  • Process Improvement and Management

 In few words... R&D is our spell of success. 

  • R&D Leading Team & Accomplishments
  • R&D Director 
  • Data Mining Researcher 
  • Process Manager 
  • QA Manager 
  • Documentation Manager 

R&D Current Projects
-  Automata4 Group has started an upgrade to its Web-based HIS System:
Medicana® in order to match the growing needs of the eHealth sector in Syria.  Medicana has been the local choice of hospitals and healthcare establishments across many parts of Syria and has established a leadership position in Aleppo and Damascus.
Medicana version 3.0 will have much better DB layout, faster processes, and a new architecture that will match any hospitals’ needs.
-  Automata4 Group had launched Syria SPIN (Software and Systems Process Improvement Networks) with the collaboration of Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon. This comes part of our continuous effort to improve the Software industry in Syria by helping to make it a world class.
-  Automata4 Group had launched CMMI Syria (Capability Maturity Model Integration) with the collaboration of Software Engineering Institute | Carnegie Mellon. CMMI for Development is a reference model that covers the development and maintenance activities applied to both products and services.
-  Automata4 Group is continuing its research project to develop a "Business Intelligence System - Decision Support System". We have moved now from the research phase to project Prototype implementation.  The new suite will be Web-based and called: Automata4 DSS Suite

Automata4 Group is committed to providing superior systems integration services, providing full eBusiness solutions in tandem with professional consultancy to clients in the local, regional, and international markets.

This is achieved through a highly experienced team of engineers and consultants, supported by strategic partnerships and coupled with the utilization of higher standards and methodologies.

Automata4 Group has demonstrated its capabilities by having successfully served clients. Automata4 Group's services range from product development outsourcing, to full eBusiness/eGovernment solution definition, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.