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1 TECHNOPAL for Engineering, Communication Ltd. , Palestine. Department: Management
Research topics:

Cooperation with BirZeit University in the field of Electrical Engineering Graduation Projects sponsorship.


"Technopal for Engineering, Communication & Buildings Technologies limited" was founded in Ramallah as a security, safety, control and IT solutions provider.
Technopal employs highly dedicated and qualified personnel with many years of experience in the fields of security and IT. As a distinguished Security Solution Provider, our products and services focus on meeting not only today’s business needs, but also the needs of the future.
Technopal addresses complete safety projects’ cycle: from initial consultancy to design, development, implementation, and ongoing maintenance and support.

Technopal Mission:
To provide the best modular safety and IT solutions to realize the possible returns for the investment of our clients.

Technopal Objectives:
•   Customer satisfaction which is achieved through the various aspects of services given to the customers through Service Dept.
•   To provide products and services of the highest quality and the greatest possible value.
•   To strengthen the company’s traditional fields of interest, and to add new fields only when it is consistent with the basic purpose of our business through our development team.

Technopal Strengths:
Due to the importance of Security issue in Palestine, Technopal feels it would be beneficial to highlight some of our strengths that will be utilized in achieving Low Voltage and Security projects objectives.
•   Technopal has excellent track records in implementation of Security, Control, and IT solutions.
•   Technopal employs certified highly trained competent engineers who have the experience and expertise in the fields of security, safety and IT. The Technical staff has an experience of 3 to 15 years in installing such systems.
•   Technopal always develops new strategies and services with partnerships among many educational, scientific and R&D centers.

Technopal Work Fields:
Technopal covers a large market share in the Palestinian market in Security, Safety and LV systems such as:
•   Surveillance CCTV/IP Systems
•   Fire Alarm Systems
•   Fire Extinguishing Systems
•   Burglar Alarm Systems
•   EAS Systems
•   Telephony Systems
•   Data Centers / Server Rooms Infrastructure
•   Metal Detection – Magnometer Systems
•   Wireless Communication Systems
•   Fleet Management Systems
•   Public Address & Sound Systems
•   Access Control
•   Security Gates and Apparatus
•   Computer Networking & Data Cabling
•   Electronic Gates – Entrance Systems
and LV and Control Systems in general