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1 Palestine Polytechnic University , Palestine. Department: Friends of Fawzi Kawash IT Center of Excellence (FFKITCE)

 Friends of Fawzi Kawash Information Technology Center of Excellence


Executive Summary

FFKITCE is one of few purpose-built IT development-training centres in Palestine. It must satisfy a high level of local demand and, increasingly in the future, it must also be prepared to provide high quality services for IT development training. FFKITCE was established in 2005 in response to a number of critical environmental factors, including:

A perceived need to improve the quality of capacity building and human resources development in IT field.
The potential impact of IT on economic development.
Attitudinal changes toward e-services & e-learning.
Response to national initiatives in IT development.


For many years to come, FFKITCE will be pioneer, distinguished and certified reference to serve future Palestine’s generations in the field of Information Technology. It will also contribute to Palestine’s ability to build technology based commercial and industrial sectors.


The FFKITCE mission is to provide high-quality services in human resources development, integrated administrative and software solutions and IT business incubation services to meet the needs of clients in different society sectors through the use of highly efficient ICT.


Through its programs, including Information Technology, and its methods of operation, FFKITCE expresses its commitment to:

Educational excellence
Promoting the full realization of human potential
Providing opportunities regardless of gender and social status
Transparent and participatory decision-making
Maximizing the capacity for self-reliance
Promoting leadership and teamwork approach


To lead the local IT sector using International standards.
To develop the human resources performance and provide capacity building in IT field.
To Provide IT business incubation services.
To provide integrated administrative and software solutions.

FFKITCE Objectives

To create awareness about the importance of using IT in different sectors, through workshops and specialized lectures.
To develop the human resources by offering specialized, high quality and distinctive training programs to meet the needs of the community.
To build strategic partnership with private and public sectors.
To provide and develop infrastructure services for different institutions in IT field through the provision of integrated administrative and software solutions.
To provide and develop electronic services (e-services) and e-learning initiatives.
To provide job counseling and placement services.

FFKITCE Capacity and Services

FFKITCE has the capacity to offer any IT-related services including: data storage, data analysis, integrated administrative and software solutions, business incubation and professional IT training. FFKITCE has the space, technology and right people to provide the following services:

Design and implementation Portal services.
Professional IT training and certification services.
Web design and hosting services.
Administrative and soft ...