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1 Al-Quds University , Palestine. Department: Said Khoury Information Technology Center of Excellence
Research topics:
  • Ad hoc Routing Protocols, Performance, Energy Consumption, Mobility.
  • Mobile Wireless Generations, GPRS,UMTS.etc..
  • C-OLSR Extension to Reduce Control Overhead in Very Large, Dense Ad Hoc Networks”
  • Mobile Networks and application
  • Cognitive Radios
  • Semantic Web
  • Distributed Systems
  • Network Security


Institutional Priorities

  • To provide advanced educational and training opportunities for Palestinians and Jerusalemites within the context of Jerusalem
  • To promote academic research and professional excellence
  • To strengthen its resources and make available current technologies for application in study and work
  • To build an institutional climate of respect, collegiality, and equality for all members of the university community-students, faculty, administration
  • To encourage innovation, while building on the best of Palestinian culture
  • To create a learning environment that integrates rigorous inquiry, creativity and imagination, reflective engagement with society, and a commitment to generating a more humane and just world Student Development
  • To engage students in a lasting commitment to learning
  • To motivate students to overcome obstacles to full self-realization
  • To instill critical thinking and creative skillsthat enable people to develop strategies that address persistent problems in the region
  • To translate and apply skills and talents in establishing creative ventures and enterprises
  • To educate men and women for leadership, peace, and democratic values Community Growth
  • To promote a culture of service throughout the university that encourages the development of personal and community responsibility
  • To develop national and international cooperative projects for the improvment of socioeconomic conditions
  • To develop programs and centers that respond proactively to the needs of the commuinty and promote an environment free of want and injustice
  • To strive for effective communication and responsible decision-making at all levels of society
  • To serve as a voice of reason, conscience and compassion in the region and world community