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1 Faculty of Sciences/ University Mohammed the first , Morocco. Department: Department of Physics
Research topics:

The Moroccan charter of education supported reccently by the emergency plan in the higher education aims to improve qualities of teaching and searching in higher schools  by involving various actors in this domain. In particular,the Informatic, Communication and Technology (ICT) field in E-learning is one of topics to reach in all morrocan universities before 2013.

Since 2008, within the framework of the project resatice1, we have worked on the use of different platforms in particular we focused on Claroline platform and used it for the first time at the Faculty of Sciences, with a traditional learning(classical teaching method), to teach Physics2, Mathematic3, Biology and Informatic courses. We use it also, in hybrid method, for master students in didactica at the Faculty of Letters ans Human Sciences. In the beginning, we encountered several problems with students who refused to complete activities on line, we needed to introduce some courses to  explain the use of the platform and publish some obligatory acivities on the platform wich encourage  students to work on line.
The results from our experience in teaching, the study of the behavior of the various actors will allow us to formulate educational propositions to use platforms in E-learning with the aim of a better contribution of ICT  to the improvement of the quality of higher education.
To continue in this domain, we need to share our experienc with europeean partners and have some ideas and formations to create a network group in ICT E-learning at our university in collaboration with Moroccan and europeean universities.
We hope devellope some activities in (Challenge 8) Technology-Enhanced Learning like development of plateformes in E-learning.

[1] Projets RES@TICE 2008 – 2010, Plates formes d’enseignement à distance dans l’enseignement supérieur. Modes d’appropriation et standardisation des usages.
[2] L’expérience de l’enseignement à distance à L’Université Mohamed Premier, Communication orale à la coinférence annuelle des utilisateurs de Claroline (ACCU 2009), Bruxelles 18-20 Mai 2009.
[3] Première expérience de l’enseignement hybride de la Physique à la Faculté des Sciences d’Oujda, Communication orales au colloque international « Université : Réforme, Formation et Innivation à l’ère numérique » Fés 15-17 Octobre 2009.


The department of physics is one of the bigger departments in Faculty of  Sciences at Oujda university.
The number of teachers in 2011, is 65 and that of students is higher than 1000. Several fields in physics are insured to students from the first year till master’s degree.
The diploma of “licence” is obtained after 3 years of study in electronic or mechanic or physic informatic options. Differents options yield to continue study in the special master’s degree. Master’s degree duration is two years, after that students finish their studies with thesis along three years in one research laboratory of the department. According to their training, all teachers belongs to various research laboratories. Five big research laboratories existe in the department in electronic, solid, theoretical and particles physics fields
The physicists assure physics cours in all other departments at their first levels of studing.