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1 Faculté des scienes et techniques , Morocco. Department: Laboratoire de Signaux, Systèmes et Composants
Research topics:
Localization of sources in mobile radio. E-learning. Artificial Intelligence: neural networks and genetic algorithms. Robotics. Study of advanced components for telecommunications and information processing.

Signals, Systems and Component Laboratory
Department of electrical engineering 
Faculty of Sciences & Technologies (
University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah (

Creation 1995

Thematic of research and development 
- Data processing 
- Telecommunications  
- Physics of materials and nano structures 
- Micro-electronics
- Electromagnetic compatibility

Human resources 
- 14 Ph-D Doctors
- 3 Engineers
- 21 Doctorants
Research axis and topics

Axis 1   Signals, Systems and Telecommunications
- Sources localization in mobile radiocommunication,
- Artificial intelligence:  Network of neurons and genetic algorithms
- Radio communication and wireless  Local networks,
-  Robotics,
- Knowledge management, e-Learning, apprenticeship with ICT

Axis 2   Components and Microelectronics
- Technology of the electronic, optic components, and of the grabbers.
- Components containing semi conduct, of low dimensions - nano structures. 
- Modelisation, characterizations and evaluations of reliability. 
- CAD of integrated circuits and description by VHDL.
- IP design for the compression and the processing of static and dynamic image (JPEG, JPEG 2000...)
- EMC of the integrated circuits

Axis 3   Optelecom and imagery  
Study of the advanced components for telecommunications and the data processing: 
- Optical modulation : configurations, modelling and design. 
- Characterization of the components for optical telecommunications tops flows
- Making and characterization of new ceramic materials for optics and the radio frequencies. 

- Cognition of forms and analyzes scenes : forms 3D tomography. 
- Reduction of redundancy and standard of compression
- Architecture of video processing units.

Projects carried out   (last five years)

Project 1  :  Study and simulation of electroluminescence of electronic and optoelectronics devices
Project -2    The Signal Processing for Telecommunication
Project -3    Design of new structures of converters Analog - Digital Sigma Delta with switch currents High performances for audio applications 
Project -4    Crystalline Fibers of Lithium Niobate for the emission Infra-Red. 
Project -5    Knowledge MAPping of IT Competencies in the Mediterranean Region and Dialogue Fostering
Project -6    Transport System Intelligent
Project -7    Modelling and design of VLSI architecture of the JPEG2000 coder -Video and implementation on a FPGA programmable circuit