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1 The University of Balamand , Lebanon. Department: Computer Science / Instructional Technology Unit

The Department

The department of computer science provides fundamental education preparing students
for career positions in industry, government, education, commerce, or to pursue education
for higher degrees in courses and research. The department currently offers the following
• BS in computer science with two options
  - Software Engineering
  - Information Systems
• BS in computer science with a teaching diploma
• MS in computer Science with two options:
  - Networking and Communication.
  - Information Systems

The Faculty

The faculty of sciences has six departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Physics. The special areas of expertise offered by various departments are constantly being revised and d in order to respond to changing market needs. A generous scholarships program in Mathematics and Environmental Sciences entices potential students to enroll in these highly rewarding fields of sciences.

Over 400 students and 50 faculty and staff members interact in a family atmosphere governed by mutual respect, friendliness, and professionalism. Our Faculty has two main missions, teaching and research. Our classes are small, rarely exceeding 25 students, allowing professors and students to get to closely know each other. Our curricula, combining theoretical and practical knowledge, give students the opportunity to gain hands-on training, constituting a major advantage whether they are headed for the job market, graduate studies or professional schools. The quality of our professors, the quality and scope of our infrastructure, and our national and international reputation, make a BSc or an MSc from our Faculty worth obtaining, and open the doors towards a career in industry, education or the professional world.

The University

The University of Balamand (UoB) is founded in 1988 as a private, secular, non-profit, independent Lebanese institution of higher learning. It performs its mission through teaching, research, and service to the community. The University is committed to raising future enerations in the immutable Eastern values and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, or physical disability.

The University consists of nine Faculties and a dozen research centers, and is committed to excellence in education, research, and service to the wider community.
Given its strong belief in human rights, democratic institutions, and Christian Muslim understanding, the University is fully committed to the development and democratization of the region. Its declared mission is based on freedom, tolerance, plurality and human dignity and is   committed to spreading these values throughout the Middle East region.

The University applies the scientific method and cooperates with l###