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1 Al-Hussein Bin Talal University , Jordan. Department: Information Technology Department
Research topics:
  • Technology Enhanced Learning
  • Information Technology System
  • Health modernisation 


A considerable part of AHU's mission is devoted to providing appropriate specializations and training programs that are desperately needed in the southern region, in general and Ma'an Governorate, in particular. Moreover, the university provides local community institutions with well-trained and qualified human resources, who are, in turn, expected to act effectively in the development of all sectors of their communities. Further and above all, the university attaches utmost priority to academic research and the educational process, which come at the heart of the university’s mission.L AHU, established in 1999 on a campus that w

AHU comprises seven distinguished colleges which confer the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees in (38) academic specializations in addition to the postgraduate Diploma in both Education and Higher Administration. In addition to the currently working academic centres, namely, the Computer Centre, Academic Faculty Professional Development Centre and Nabataean Studies Centre, the university is planning to establish a number of research centres concerned with the studies ofآ environment, desertification, mining, Badia & rural affairs.

In addition to the academic affairs, the university excels in sport, social and cultural activities. Such activities, which enrich students' experience and prepare them for future life, are carried out by numerous state-of-the-art facilities available at the campus including technology learning. No doubt, these activities provide comprehensive student-welfare services that aim to enhance the trust-building measures between the university and the students so as to achieve the university's main mission in providing the local market with qualified personnel.

Department of Business Administration is the most important and largest academic department at the University of Al-Hussein Bin Talal in terms of: the number of students, teachers, and the number of specializations. The number of students in this Department was about 800 students during the year 2008/2009; while the total number teaching staff was eighteen. The department has developed its curriculums since the establishment in 2004 according to academic plan aimed at seven different disciplines. In the academic year 2007/2008, the specializations have been restructured in the department and the teaching plans have been d according to the accreditation standards of Jordan, where several courses that are compatible with the areas of knowledge have been added.  Accordingly, the Specializations in the Department became as the following: Business Administration, Management Information Systems, Office Management, Marketing, Risk and Insurance