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1 CCT International , Lebanon. Department: 3D & Visual Controls
Research topics:
  • 3D Based Visual Project Controls
  • Genetic Algorithms and artificial intelligence for Planning
  • Simulation for decision making
  • 3D visualization on Mobiles and Handhelds


CCT’s mission is to develop immersive business solutions; our competency is in the following lines of Business:

  1. To develop a 3D based integrated project/s control strategy & to develop the appropriate tools needed thereof.
  2. To deliver creative ECM/ BPM solutions for a greater business agility and improved productivity / customer interactions for all stakeholders.

CCT is a 10 year old company that was founded to develop 3D based, ECM & BPM solutions. CCT is based in Beirut, Lebanon. CCT has grown to host more than 40 top software architects, developers & support staff. CCT has partnered with several universities and R&D communities in the USA and Europe, such as CIFE (Center for Integrated Facility Engineering) at Stanford. CCT has done major work on ISO 15926 which is supported by Fiatech. CCT is working on becoming compliant with semantic web initiative.


  • BPM (Business Process Management): Workflows, Rich clients and document centric applications with RIA portal. The way to integrate 3D into the work environment is to define how it is to be used in the workplace (workflow).
  • ECM (Enterprise Content Management): ECM framework is used to capture, manage, store, and deliver content and documents to the end users related to organizational processes.
  • Visioneering: 3D and visual oriented applications / reporting: 3D tools are excellent report generators, linking 3D models to a multitude of data, colorizing the models as per different statuses & providing it to the user for review or possible action. For more info,  please visit
  • Automatic data acquisition and collection on sites using handhelds and RFID, etc. Handhelds facilitate the collection & dissemination of data at the work place.
  • Corporate Dashboard: Using Rich Internet Application Technologies; Dashboard is a customizable solution for knowledge workers that consolidate personal, team, departmental, project, corporate and even external information in a one-single-portal.
  • Business Intelligence (Data warehousing, OLAP technologies, Web based Dashboards & intelligent reporting).
  • Electronic Data Interface, process industry accelerated implementation of standardized data connectivity between all computerized systems (IFC/ISO & Semantic web).
  • (AI) based systems & simulation. 4D Tools as well as actual simulation of activities and use of Rule based systems to optimize construction activities and coordination. CCT is researching the use of AI technologies in developing shop drawings extracted and integrated with the 3D model.