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1 Softlock, Ain Shams University , Egypt. Department: Research and Development
Research topics:

Softlock believes of the importance of the scientific research to achieve unique products. For that reason the company took following steps to support the scientific research:

  • Construct special department for the Research and Development
  • Construct a team work consisting of several researchers and highly qualified developers
  • Encourage the development of scientific papers and publish it in the international conferences
  • Sponsor and Support many International Conferences
  • Registration of patents for the innovative ideas and the unique products
  • Supervise and support undergraduate student projects in the field of digital security

As a result of that support many unique products, published papers and registered patents are produced. In the following a list of the existing research projects:

  • Develop Accurate Method to Identify Optical Disks
  • Develop Efficient Cryptographic Accelerators
  • Develop Efficient FP Recognition Accelerator
  • Develop Efficient and Specialized Cryptographic Techniques
  • Develop Secure Microcontroller, this is project is funded by DANIDA (Denmark)
  • Develop LMS (License Management System) and DRM (Digital Rights Management) Specification language
  • Develop Portable Executable Protector
  • Develop Open Programming Environment to produce a Service Based Software Systems (Open SAAS), this is project is funded by FP7 (European Union)

Also Softlock supervise and manage the annual "International Conference on Computer Engineering & Systems" from 2006 to 2009 in cooperation with the Department of Computer and System Engineering, Ain Shams University.


Softlock is the world’s leading progressive, innovative, expanding national and international company in the field of digital security. Our aim is to gain customer satisfaction, on time and every time. We are established since 1997 to create quality security and to keep the value for what’s important in your life.  

Our high quality service and excellent benefits and the ability of being reliable and responsible put us as a leader on the top of digital security companies.  

Softlock provides unique products and solutions, which cover many security areas fulfilling customers need in different market sectors. We provide a set of products and solutions covering the following areas: software protection, data encryption, security hardware, digital signature, secure identification and authentication, secure online distribution of digital Contents.  

Softlock supports different market sectors like; governmental institutes, organizations, banks, software development companies, multimedia software and game producers, media and eBooks publishers and individual users.  

Softlock value comes from the continuous research, the integrated products, the realistic implementations, and the successful support since 1997.  

Softlock is recognized in the local market as the only owner and provider of digital security services.  

Softlock is uniquely identified in the global market by the integrated products and the research based development