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1 eknowledge , Egypt. Department: General Manager

eKnowledge is a software development company founded in 2001 with the aim of becoming the nucleus of e-Learning in the Middle East. It was established as an Egyptian joint stock company under Investment Law 8/1997. eKnowledge is a subsidiary of IT Investments, an Egyptian joint stock direct investments company with issued and subscribed capital of around $110 million. IT Investments is a major shareholder in over 40 IT companies in the Middle East, Europe and the U.S.A and is currently involved in numerous projects across the Middle East region. At eKnowledge, we provide eLearning and e-Training solutions that range from online teaching and learning, managing learning communities and student services, integrating Web-enabled student services and back office systems to support administrative staff.

We have successfully participated in may research proposals of which we have expanded our expertise and knowledge dramatically, the following is  a brief of such activities:

FP7- Kids Talent Management System
eKnowledge will submit a proposal Developing Kids Talent Management System. The idea of the project -  which is solely owned by eKnowledge has gained a quality label and we have received more than 50 Expressions of Interests from other organizations to partner with us in this project of which we have filtered down to 8 Potential partners. We are now in the writing our proposal for this project.
FP7- Youth Education
One of the Expressions of Interests that we gained for the KTMS idea in FP7 has invited eKnowledge to join the consortium of partners for a research proposal concerning, giving support to the formation of the youth towards education and work, the project will also deal with an interchange between Schools and Universities about Vocational Counseling.
ACTM Project
This project is one of the ENPI Projects which we are participating in now, the aim of this project is to create Mediterranean Arts and Crafts colonies whereby their inhabitants’ formations are artists, musicians, craftsmen, etc. who are ready to share their skills with their apprentice in studios or workrooms set up.  These artists can exhibit their products locally and be prepared for trade and export and can also expect to be visited by a large number of tourists at all times.
Another ENPI Project in which its aim is to Eliminate cultural misunderstandings through sharing commonalities using short films.
Another ENPI project where the aim is to Conserve and promote Traditional food recipes of people in the Mediterranean Region to create a project based on the Conservation and promotion of the Mediterranean traditional food encouraging dialogue among the Mediterranean communities, sharing common food recipes.
One of the ENPI Projects we are participating in now, the aim of this project is to Establish an I###