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1 École Supérieure des Communications de Tunis - Sup'com , Tunisia. Department: GRESCOM
Research topics:

CIRTA’COM research activities cover following two levels

1st level: providing alternatives to traditional components and systems technology for communication networks and this by focusing efforts on three areas:

  • developing new software defined radio systems topologies and define cognitive processing techniques for transforming the radio physical system into computing platform based on smart intelligent distributed objects.
  • propose new highly integrated reconfigurable hardware architectures and new programming techniques for embedded implementation of complex solutions and cooperative systems for new applications requiring a multiplicity of real-time processing and high performance.
  • design of optoelectronic devices and photonic integrated circuits for the development of new approaches to all-optical transmission, quantum information processing, optical storage of  high information density and bio photonics

2nd level: applying the innovations of the first three axes in the technological development of adapted and high economic value ICT solutions for:

  • e-health: increasing sustainable access to high quality care, disease management, treatment and rehabilitation of patients and the care of an aging population, social inclusion and economic
  • sustainable economy and low carbon help reshape the demand side of our society depends on energy, reduce energy consumption, and subsequently emission of CO2, particularly in the electricity distribution buildings and construction, transportation and logistics, public sector, rural areas and cities

Our target research objectives are achieved through collaborative projects with key economic actors. Carried out projects are based on experiments and a strong dimension to field validation.


CIRTA’COM research program aims to promote excellence in applied research and innovation in ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and increase the participation of our researchers in programs and research projects in academia and industry both nationally and internationally.

The program is set so as to promote the linkage between the scientific skills of our researchers and technological and business expertise of our partners in the business world and international research centers on topics that meet the global challenges in the field of ICT and its applications in the priority sectors for Tunisia. Thus, and in order to facilitate the exploitation of our research results CIRTA’COM research topics are defined according to a logic of medium and long term economic or societal needs.

The scientific ambition is, from the pooling of expertise of researchers and founders of our academic and industrial partners of international reputation, to establish research program to combine the search for original ideas to aspects of recovery for development of network infrastructure with high energy efficiency that support the convergence and interoperability of heterogeneous broadband network technologies: mobile, wireline and wireless services as facilitators of innovative Internet of the future.